Sofia Makri

Sofia Makri is a People & Culture Advisor (CIPD Αssoc.), certified ICF Career Empowerment Coach (executive, team), Soft Skills Trainer & Social Entrepreneur for Employability support. Since 2013 she is the co-founder of AELIA, a non-profit capacity building lab that supports people of all ages with their employability and professional development, by offering knowledge, mentoring & networking. AELΙΑ has supported 650 professionals of all ages, organized 330 workshops and offered 1150 mentoring sessions. In 2019 she founded AELIA Consulting & Coaching, with the aim of providing Human Capital consulting services to organizations and small/medium enterprises, focusing on Organizational Development and Culture, Employee Engagement, Employee Performance & Employee Experience programs. Sofia has studied Political Science & Public Policy, with postgraduate studies in EU Law and Politics. Initially she developed a career in the design and management of EU and NSRF projects, mainly in the field of education, human resources development & culture. From 2009 to 2012 she served as Advisor to the Special Secretary of Primary & Secondary Education in the Ministry of Education and Research for the design and implementation of key projects in educational reform, as well as for the supervision of NSRF programs.