Andros Routes

Andros Routes consists of a “colourful” human mosaic. It comprises about 50 people, different ages and origins, permanent or seasonal residents of Andros. We are all connected by a love for the island’s rich nature, biodiversity, and cultural heritage. Since 2009 through the project Andros Routes, we have joined hands offering volunteer work, taking care of old hiking trails that lead to the most beautiful and vital parts of the island. With the Andros Routes project, we support a sustainable form of mobility and tourism, strengthening the local economy and society of Andros. We help to revitalise the rural areas with increased footfall enabled by the well-kept routes. We offer the opportunity to residents and visitors to walk in the footsteps of water and previous generations, realising forgotten values associated with a long-standing agricultural activity that bequeathed the amazing dry stone landscape of the island today.

More recently, the Clean Green Andros project was formed in 2020. This new initiative aims to provide information, encourage awareness, and stimulate behaviour change to improve waste management practices by residents and visitors. The project goal is to help Andros, already the greenest island, become the healthiest and cleanest island, a model for sustainability in the Cyclades.