Capacity Building Services for Civil Society Organisations

In order to showcase and extend the contribution of Civil Society Organisations, Social Dynamo provides learning opportunities for organisations on a monthly basis, offering them the benefits of their expertise and providing opportunities for collaboration and networking.

  • Training seminars

The live online training sessions provided every month are free and available to Civil Society representatives and organisations from all over Greece. The training sessions are given in collaboration with a wide network of specialised partners who share their valuable expertise with organisations on a broad range of topics relating to organisational development, such as:

  • Strategy and management issues,
  • Human resources management,
  • Communication and marketing,
  • Financial viability & sourcing techniques
  • Project management
  • Assessing and measuring social impact

To view the detailed training programme and register to take part, please visit the training calendar.

  • Online Learning Platform

The training materials which Social Dynamo provides are available to all free of charge via the online distance learning platform, an initiative of the Bodossaki Foundation and legacy of the EEA Grants Programme ‘We are all Citizens‘.

The platform contains 13 training modules for online courses, an electronic library with material used in training presentations and additional useful resources, as well as more than 60 training hours of videotaped seminars. Thus all the educational materials are available for executives of organisations, members of informal groups and volunteers, according to their specialised interests and needs, without any restrictions in terms of time or geographical location.