Social Dynamo

Social Dynamo is an initiative of Bodossaki Foundation offering comprehensive capacity building support to civil society organisations in Greece. It is a unique hub which empowers civil society through providing training, professional support and networking.

Social Dynamo offers a range of open training activities to civil society organisations every month, as well as its six-month Empowerment Programme for organisations and groups wanting to progress to the next stage of organisational development and maximise their social impact. Social Dynamo also designs and implements civil society capacity building programmes in collaboration with other institutions. The Municipality of Athens and the Municipality of Thessaloniki are strategic partners for activities within these cities. Social Dynamo is also supported by more than 200 mentors, trainers, coaches, consultants and collaborators, such as KEMEL (Centre for Volunteer Managers of Greece) and the Hellenic Coaching Association.



What we have achieved in our 3 years of operation

Beneficiary organizations
Empowered active citizens
Educators and collaborators in our community
Training and Professional Support Partners