Professional Support

We offer free professional support to civil society organizations and groups in a range of fields relevant to their interests. More specifically, we offer separate mentoring, coaching and consultancy services, which are provided by experienced professionals and which are mutually complementary.


Social Dynamo offers a comprehensive mentoring service, thanks to the support of more than 50 mentors. This service, which is guided by a specially developed Code of Conduct, helps civil society organizations and groups to achieve specific goals, giving them the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills from expert professionals specialized in various areas. As mentors, these professionals share their know-how with the organizations and groups, aiming to build their capacity so that the groups can achieve a specific objective that they have identified as a priority. We are extremely grateful to all the members of our network of pro-bono mentors.  Access to the mentoring service is offered to organizations and groups which participate in certain programmes of Social Dynamo.


Social Dynamo offers coaching thanks to our collaboration with the Hellenic Coaching Association, which, as a member of our collaborator network, provides pro bono executive coaching to individual staff members of civil society organisations. Coaching is aimed at supporting staff in positions of responsibility to maximise their effectiveness in their specific role. Contact us at to learn about the next cycle of coaching.


Social Dynamo provides consulting on a wide range of topics. Experts are available at specific days and times for scheduled meetings with groups and organisations that want to ask questions related to the consultants’ area of expertise. We offer consulting on legal, accounting, tax and communications issues, among others. Discover an entire ecosystem of companies, bodies and experts that offer their pro bono services to Social Dynamo. Check out the monthly schedule, find the consulting service that is of interest to you and book a 30-minute online session to discuss the issues that concern you with one of our expert consultants.