Social Dynamo provides cost-free professional support to Civil Society organisations and groups in their particular areas of interest. Consulting, team mentoring and executive coaching services are offered by experienced executives. These services can also be offered in conjunction with each other.

  • Team Mentoring

As part of Social Dynamo’s professional support, team mentoring helps civil society organisations and groups to achieve their goals, giving them the opportunity to acquire new professional know-how and skills from experienced professionals in a wide range of specialties.

For the programme to work effectively, the team and the mentor need to consult and establish a specific and realistic goal from the outset, in an area of organisational development which has been identified as a priority.

The programme is implemented through a mutually agreed action plan and supervised by the mentor in a series of meetings. The programme is deliberately flexible, in order to ensure that each participant acquires the required knowledge and skills, as the needs of each organisation /group are unique and varies.

The service is governed by the Code of Conduct which we have produced in consultation with our mentors.

Meet the members of our mentoring network here.

  • Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is an activity chiefly designed to improve the personal abilities, skills and attitudes of both individuals and teams. Social Dynamo has entered into a strategic partnership with the Hellenic Coaching Association for the voluntary provision of coaching services. Courses are offered, as long as they are scheduled well in advance and the volunteer members of the association are available. Social Dynamo guarantees the commitment of coachees to the programme, and the HCA guarantees the expertise and experience of the volunteer coaches.

The team members of the executive coaching volunteer programme are experienced professionals, who have made specialised studies in coaching. It should be clearly understood that the coach will not be acting as a business consultant, trainer or therapist providing any form of business, educational and/or therapeutic assistance, on an individual or group basis. Meet our partner coaches here and read more about the programme here.

  • Consulting Service

Social Dynamo provides consulting services on a wide range of topics, including Legal and Tax issues.

Specialist staff are available on specific days and times and welcome by appointment groups and organisations who are seeking advice in thirty-minute online sessions.

Legal Consulting sessions are provided by Stamatopoulos Eftychidou Law Office.

Consulting sessions on Accounting and Tax Issues are given by the accounting, tax and IT service provider Quantum Business & IT Solutions.

View the month’s schedule, decide which counselling sessions interest you, and book a 30′ online meeting with our community’s expert adviser.