The idea for TheHappyArt started one afternoon by Christos and Maria Karakasidou. As they were sharing their mutual concerns, they recognized ways that they could contribute meaningfully to the excessive struggle that People with Special Needs wage for their inclusion in a society, from which they face an almost abstract exclusion.

They set off on this journey like this, armed with their desire to innovate and to introduce new actions in a field, which needs to be more outward-looking. With their unwavering determination and persistence, they attracted many more people to their cause, and, today, we all share this common journey.

Every one of us, the members, partners, and friends of TheHappyArt, is opening a window to the life chances, the effort, and the everyday life of People with Special Needs. Through TheHappyArt and in cooperation with our invaluable partners, we draw focus, inform, take action and share a smile.

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