Dimitris Kontoudis

Dimitris Kontoudis is the Trainings Coordinator for A21 Greece. Since 2011 has been a volunteer for A21 Greece, and since 2017 he is working as a Call Specialist on the 24/7 1109 Hotline. As with all the Call Specialists, he has participated in training for managing human trafficking-related calls based on the Polaris organization protocols (polarisproject.org). At the same time, he participates in the A21’s trainings to professionals in order to learn how to become a trainer. Later he became the Manager of the Hotline and now he has the position of the Trainings Coordinator for A21 Greece. In his training presentations, he combines his experience from managing urgent human trafficking-related calls, the storytelling of related human trafficking incidents that the office of A21 Greece handled and the A21’s specialised experience in interviewing hundreds of possible and potential victims of human trafficking, in order to transmit in a simple, practical and descriptive way, how a professional can handle a possible trafficking case, on the base of the professional’s job title. He is married to Labrini for 20 years and he is the proud father of Theodora (20) and Haris (15). Alongside, he is participating in a three-year educational programme on Counselling.