Eva Kekou

Dr Eva Kekou is an art historian, cultural theorist and curator. Her field of expertise is: art in public space, interactive media and interdisciplinarity in the arts. She has organised  the symposium Urban Digital Narratives at the National Research Foundation in Athens.She has also organised the one day symposium in Signalraum, Munich crisis is a Greek word in the end and Glob-art perspectives.

She works as an independent/freelance curator and she  has curated a big number of exhibitions. Among others, the exhibition Ex-change: risk in 2015 at the House of Cyprus. The exhibition was supported by the Austrian Embassy in Athens and the Austrian Chancellery. The  new media exhibition ‘Point-Zero: Restart’ at the Union of Greek Archeologists showing works of Roy Ascott, Maurice Benayoun and Scott Kildall and just recently the international exhibition ‘Omega to Alpha’ at the Bath of the winds in Athens. Her research work is published in  reputable academic journals. She taught at the University. She has been organizing seminars and workshops on culture and cultural management as an independent educator.