Nana Sigouna

Nana Sigouna is a life and mindset coach certified by the global coaching body EMCC (global), NLP practitioner certified by Richard Bandler (creator of NLP) and lawyer (law school degree AUTH). After many years of experience in martial law, she decided to redefine herself professionally and take up coaching. In addition to three years of life coaching and consulting studies (University of the Aegean/  Coaching Evolution International London Academy) and 6 months of study in NLP (neurolinguistics programming), she was trained in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, mindset change, executive coaching and child psychology through specialized programs and seminars. Her experience as a legal consultant is shipping companies, construction, insurance, is valuable for her cooperation with companies as a coach. The anthropocentric profession of lawyer has effectively developed her new capacity as life coach. Provides individual sessions life coaching, executive coaching, parent coaching, group coaching. She gives seminars and lectures in schools and associations of municipalities. Her vision is to help people either individually or as members of companies, to achieve goals, to change mindset, to achieve balance in their lives, which will led them to achieve goals and personal well-being. To make a change (as she did), to find the best version of a better quality, more efficient, happier everyday life.