Amalia Zepou

Amalia Zepou currently works in the non-profit sector with the non-profit, KOLLEKTIVA. She served as vice mayor for civil society and innovation from 2014 to 2019 at the Municipality of Athens. In 2013, she created a civil society platform “synAthina” which was further developed into an idea that won the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge award in September 2014. synAthina led to two flag projects in the Athens administration, both based in new collaborative processes with civil society: A strategy for addressing the graffiti phenomenon and a new model for the management of a public market building in a neighborhood in Athens.synAthina was further developed as a dynamic network for connecting with active citizens for the integration of migrants and refugees, a project named “Curing the Limbo” funded by the European Commission’s initiative “Urban Innovative Actions”.She was responsible for the nomination of Athens as European Capital of Innovation 2018, and the establishment of an Athens municipality new sector of social innovation.

She provides workshops for Social Dynamo on topics concerning synergies of Active Citizens with the public sector.