Ourania Sakellaraki

Ourania Sakellaraki is an Economist with a master’s degree in Business Informatics (MSc), and special experience in the preparation, monitoring, evaluation and management of national and European programs and projects since 2001, in Greece and abroad. She has special experience in designing transnational synergies for a number of organizations, including national bodies, municipalities, private companies, academic institutions and NGOs. The programs and actions that Mrs. Sakellaraki has implemented and designed include, funding from European Agencies, International Organizations and national fundings under ESF, AMIF, ect. Mrs. Sakellaraki has actively participated in working groups and committees for planning business programs and actions, in collaboration with public and private bodies. In the context of the above, she has prepared a number of tenders for public and private sector bodies, as well as has been a member of the relevant committees for the opening of tenders, the management of objections and the receipt of deliverables.

She provides workshops for Social Dynamo on topics concering national and european funding.