Amargi – Integration

The Amargi organisation (ancient Sumerian word, which is considered to be the first ever written word meaning Freedom) consists of people with different national backgrounds. Its vision is a society without discrimination, a society based on equality and solidarity. Ιts goal is the social integration of refugees and migrants and the dissemination of a culture based on respect and coexistence among different cultures in the Greek territory. The people behind Amargi are refugees and migrants, who have gone through the difficulties of the social integration process, having faced many challenges and being through all levels of integration. The Amargi team is present in order to help all people who will go through the social integration process, not to suffer, but to have a more positive journey in this process.

The team consists of locals with profound knowledge of the refugee and migration context and have detected the difficulties and malfunctions of the system. Amargi is a common point bringing together the people who envision a society without discrimination. The team chose to be multicultural so as through its composition to be able to embody everything that they stand for.

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