Camellia: Law hub for all

Camelia Law Hub For All is a group of experts with humanitarian and social sciences background created to cover a need and a wish: the need of people from vulnerable social groups to have access to legal assistance and the wish of new experts to provide their support.

The group aims to provide legal assistance and support to people, who do not have the means or the knowledge to seek the appropriate legal help. This goal is achieved through the creation of a network of volunteers, who wish to get involved in such initiatives. Thus, through collaboration and togetherness, we have a double gain: on the one hand, people from vulnerable groups have access to legal assistance, with obvious benefits from exercising their rights, and on the other hand active citizens are given the chance to provide their support to the group, depending on their free time and their background. Camellia Law Hub For All collaborates with social solidarity groups and non profit organisations and it becomes gradually autonomous.