COM.P.A.S.S. for Refugee Youth (Community, Psychological And Social Support) is a group of mental health and social sciences professionals, experienced in psychosocial support services for asylum seekers and refugees. Our team’s mission is to offer psychosocial support to teenage and young refugees (ages 13-26 y.o.) who live in Athens, in accommodation schemes, safe-houses and squats. Our vision is overcoming the psychological and social difficulties that refugee youth face and seeing their smooth and timely integration into the local community. Our team’s actions include the assessment of young resfugees’ needs in terms of mental health, integration and supportive networks, as well as the implementation of informative and awareness-raising actions, to young refugees themselves and their supportive environment (i.e. parents, teachers). A network of collaborators (interpreters, psychologists, social anthropologists, lawyers) assists the team into designing and implementing the appropriate interventions and activities.