Healing Lesvos

Healing Lesvos  is a non-profit initiative, which has undertaken the task to nominate and protect the Mission Blue Avlaki Hope Spot on Lesvos Island, and turn it in to a lighthouse of sustainable development. Avlaki is an important frontier between Europe and Asia and an oasis rich in natural beauty, history and culture. It includes reefs decorated with volcanic geological formations, created 20 million years ago, as well as rich marine flora and fauna. Healing Lesvos is working together with local stakeholders, such as the North Aegean Regional Authority, the University of the Aegean, the Municipality of Lesvos and Lesvos Scuba Oceanic Center, for the further development, promotion and protection of the area.

The purpose of Healing Lesvos is the research and development of the area, as well as the creation of a Diving Park-Marine Protected Area (MPA), which will be institutionally protected, and accessible to the public. We aim to establish a protection status for the Mission Blue Avlaki Hope Spot, which together with funding for research and international visibility of our efforts, will raise awareness worldwide.

We urge the local and global communities, ministers, business leaders, and sea lovers to call for local and global leaders to support our action for healthy seas, and impact for a positive future, as we pursue the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals 2030.