Angeliki Barakli

Angeliki Barakli is a trainer for Social Dynamo and the Head of Business and Cultural Development Center’s EU department. She is also the Project Manager of Hellenic Design Centre, the first initiative in Greece that uses Design Thinking as a problem solving methodology in a creative way, focusing on the real needs of the end user and addresses anyone who produces products, offers services or creates programs and wants to have tangible results. She is a graduate of the German School of Thessaloniki and later studied at the Business Administration Department of the University of Macedonia.  She has also obtained a diploma in International Trade and Supply Chain from ICBS Thessaloniki Business College. From 2015 until today, Ms. Barakli is in charge of the European Programs Department of KEPA and she is responsible for the development of initiatives, projects, proposals and the long-term strategy of KEPA in actions of the European Project Department. In addition, being the Project Manager of HDC, she is a keynote speaker at numerous conferences and seminars to inform the business community and local government on issues related to Innovation and Design Thinking and she is also a certified LEGO © Serious Play © facilitator and trainer.

She provides workshops for Social Dynamo on topics concerning Design Thinking and team communication.