YouBeHero is the first Greek online platform that gives the opportunity to anyone who makes an online purchase, to become the “hero” of a charity, offering valuable help. The process is quick and simple for anyone to do. The user visits, chooses a charity organization that wishes to help, creates an account and then picks an e-shop from which she wants to buy something from. For example, an airplane ticket. The platform then redirects her to the e-shop and once she completes her purchase, a percentage of the amount she paid, goes to the cause she chose on the first step. She then receives an email with the amount of the donation and a big thank you from the charity she’s helped. It doesn’t cost a penny extra and it’s super easy to use. Find a cause that speaks to your heart and never let any donation go to waste! See the world change; because of you! Don’t forget to check out YouBeHero’s cool intro video here.

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