George Koutsouradis

George Koutsouradis is a Personal Positive Psychology Coach, member of HCA / EMCC GREECE, HCCMA and the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology.  He studied Economics at the Hellenic Open University and he has an associate Master’s Degree in Management from the Universita Degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi. He worked in the Banking sector as a manager for 35 years.holding managerial position.  Completing his career on that field,  he decided to redefine his career and start his journey to the magical world of Psychology and Coaching. He has an associate’s Diploma in Evidence-Based Coaching from the Athens Coaching Institute, a Diploma in Positive Integrative Coaching and a Diploma in Positive Psychology from the Hellenic Society of Positive Psychology. In search of new fields ofknowledge and constant personal development, he has participated in many Universities’ and other institutions’ programmes.  Making the most of all these years of experience, he supports people who want to achieve their goals, make a change, find meaning in their lives and live their life with positivity. He believes that people become happy when they can achieve balance in their personal and professional life.