Konstantina Papadimitriou

Konstantina Papadimitriou is a Fundraising & Philanthropy Consultant and Founder of Inuksuk Consulting, a consulting agency that works with nonprofit organizations and donors in Greece and abroad. Konstantina helps organizations grow and be sustainable, through coherent strategic planning and implementation of fundraising programs. She has worked for more than 15 years in diverse areas of fundraising: regular giving, special events, crowdfunding, digital campaigns, face to face and major giving. Konstantina has worked in major international organizations, such as Greenpeace and ActionAid and has specialized in major donor fundraising (corporations, foundations, individuals). Konstantina provides support to organizations in the areas of strategic planning, fundraising planning, fundraising programs & campaigns. Konstantina is a Certified Fundraising Executive, a 21/64 Certified Philanthropy Advisor and holds an M.A. in International Business. She is also an Associate of Tony Myers & Associates, a Canadian consultancy with global experience and clientele, founded by one of the most internationally recognized consultants in major donor fundraising, Tony Myers.

She provides workshops fοr Social Dynamo on topics concerning big donations and grants.