Marianella Kloka

Marianella Kloka was born in Athens in 1972. At a very early stage she joined the Humanist Movement and dedicated herself to health, education and advocacy missions in Greece, the Balkans, Africa and Asia. She was part of the first editorial team of the Greek LGBT magazine “antivirus” and publisher of the Greek LGBT newspaper “city uncovered”. She also was part of the organizational team of the first Athens Pride. She worked as general manager for the Hellenic association of PLHIV, “positive voice” and supported the first steps of the Hellenic Liver association and the drug users’ union [PENUPS]. Since 2013 she has been working as the advocacy officer of PRAKSIS, greek ngo. She is co-director of the international news agency for peace and non violence, “pressenza”. Marianella has been tutoring on Advocacy and Meaningful engagement in the postgraduate course in EKPA University “Addictions – Addictology” since 2017. She has also been giving courses on Advocacy and Networking for the Social Dynamo HUB. Currently she is one of the consultants of the Greek Drug Policies’ Coordinator.

She provides workshops for Social Dynamo on topics concerning advocacy and networking.