iaSEAs (Healing) is an organization officially created in 2021 by a group of professional divers whose life course is closely related to the sea. For the last 30 years because of their professional activities they have experienced changes in the marine environment as part of the underwater world.

The danger of sea and marine life is a reality. Observing the changes gradually, the motivation for the creation of iaSEAs was the Mediterranean hurricane Ianos in September 2020 which particularly hit Kefalonia. The destruction of the marine environment that we faced in some areas but also the significant changes in the coastline in the whole island, led us to the decision that what we did in an amateur level was no longer enough and for the common good we must react drastically and immediately.

The vision of the organization is to pass on to the next generations as a heritage the aquatic environment sustainable in a way that the management of the human footprint ensures its longevity. Our mission, the utilization of our professional experience, know-how, organization and infrastructure in order το carry out large-scale projects that will have a real impact in the short run but also for the future on the restoration of the marine environment.